Why EVReward.com should be your friend

One of the  biggest problems I have in getting points, is to know which credit card will give me what and how much.  Well, that problem is resolved, because I have a friend now who will show me ALL my options in the various programs.  EVReward.com.

Its quite simple: you just enter the name of the merchant, like shown below, in the field, and it will show how many points or miles you will get at the site. When shopping online, always use this site first to get a first hand report of how many bonus miles you will receive for using different reward or travel credit cards.  This will also help you double dip on point programs. For example, shopping at Staples or Office Depot will give you 5X per dollar for using your Chase INK Mastercard, but also going thru the Ultimate Rewards Mall from Chase, will give you TWO additional points per dollar spent….so 7X per Dollar! Try it for yourself at EVReward.com.


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