How To Find AMEX Upgrade Offers Available

I logged into my American Express account to view the offers available to me, and I noticed a banner in the middle enticing me to ‘upgrade’ to the Hilton Honors Ascend card, and get 7,500 bonus points after spending $2,000 in 3 months.  The thing that intrigued me was I just product changed (downgraded) my old Hilton Surpass card to the no-fee card, since the annual fee was up, and they sent me the new no -fee card just like two weeks ago.  They even issued the replacement card with the same number, which was cool.

I actually wanted to see if this would work, so I went ahead and accepted the offer. It prompted me for the 4 digit security number, and that was it! No need to fill out an application.  I combed through the terms and conditions and I did not see anything about not getting the bonus if I had the card before, or any other lifetime language associated with Amex cards usually.  Of course, this is just an upgrade, supposedly.

Some people are reporting they are not seeing the offer anymore in their account when they log in. However, there is a nice link that will show you all the offers available to you, and I got it from a rep using secure chat.  Just log into your account from one browser window, then open another window, and copy and paste this link below into the address bar. It will then show you all the off.  Once you click on Request an Upgrade, it will then just ask you again, and that’s it.

You can also view other offers that you qualify for.  I was also targeted for a 50,000 bonus point Premier Rewards Gold card, which I would love to get, but probably wont right now. I’m at 6/24 so I’l wait that one out for a bit, as the offer comes and goes.

Are you seeing the offer when you click on the link? Let me know.



$5.00 Statement Credit from American Express & TripAdvisor

This has to be the easiest $5.00 I have ever made (other than the time I shook down a 6th grader for his lunch money back in middle school). If you have ANY American Express card ( i.e. Costco card, Premier Rewards, Business OPEN Cards, SkyMiles, Platinum, etc), simply go to TripAdvisor and sync your card. Write a review about a hotel, a place you visited, a restaurant, whatever, and get a $5.00 statement credit on your card. Yes, it’s that simple, and it took me about 5 min. to do!  Most of you have an existing TripAdvisor account, so you can skip the part about creating one. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one, because TripAdvisor is a handy site for looking up hotels, places, and just about anything travel related.

Here is the link to the promotion : American Express Sync Promotion




I posted a review about one of my favorite food carts here in Portland – The Frying Scotsman, and it was published.  A few hours later, I received this email below indicating the $5.00 statement credit.