Singapore Airlines Failure at Special Meals

One of best experiences about flying on a world class carrier is the fact they offer meals that are notches above the standard airline meals, that are usually served all the time.  Singapore Airlines is no exception. We flew Singapore a few times to Malaysia and the executive class meals were pretty good, offering an array of seafood options that met our dietary restrictions.  However, to play it safe, some folks will order the special meal, just to make sure they are covered in terms of a meal offering. After all, it is 17 hrs across the Pacific Ocean, and a Snickers bar just wont cut it.  On a recent flight though, I was really surprised the offering Singapore laid out on a plate for my friend, who was flying in business class from Singapore to San Francisco.  It appeared to be some sort of mystery meat, with no flavor whatsoever.  Dried noodles accompanied it, and the presentation was more acceptable for a  call center cafeteria, than a $5000+ business class ticket cabin.  Seeing this was very disappointing, as Singapore Airlines is known for stellar service, great seats, and an overall excellent in-cabin experience.

Halal Mystery Chicken?

Back in 2014, I recall Chloe Pantazi putting out a list of the 10 most regrettable airline meals ever, and it was pretty interesting to see the offerings, but most of these were economy class meals, which is expected, and some of them were not special meals. Being how bad these meals were, I would hate to order special meals.


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