Save Money On Restaurants Using ZapHour

 If you are planning to visit Portland, Oregon, skip the lines of mid-western tourists at VooDoo Doughnuts, and make sure you load up ZapHour on your mobile device, or access it from a computer.  ZapHour is a neat and cost effective app to get discounts on a lot of places to eat around town. Currently, they are only participating in Portland, Oregon, but it looks like they will soon spread the love to Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego.  Here’s how it works : you login into ZapHour and see the daily deals available from the various restaurants.  Choose the one you want from the list, and click on it. Then Click Reserve, and that’s it.  You then show it to the cashier when you are ordering, and you just scored a deal!  I love this app and use it often for my two favorite restaurants on the list.  My Saturday morning pastry fix is possible because of this lovely app.  The restaurants seem to vary from day to day, so check it often to see if there’s something you like.  Just to brag a little, I got almost $35.00 worth of food and drinks and even some homemade cookies at Hot Lips Pizza in Downtown Portland, for a lil over $15.00, because of the 50% off deal!  If you are traveling to Portland anytime soon, I would install the app from the Google Marketplace or iTunes on your phone, and live it up large while in town. Make sure when you do pay for your food, to use a credit card that gives you bonus points/miles for restaurant purchases, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit CardBon Appetit!



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