Need a Passport Photo? Make Your Own!

Well its that time again when I need to renew my passport, and get passports for my girls. Of course, I could always head down to Costco to get them taken, but I have found its cheaper and easier actually to do it myself.  My kids just cant stand still, and they think they getting a shot at the doctors office for reason when I take them to Costco, or Walgreen’s.  A few years ago, the apps available were kinda testy, buggy, and not so friendly to use, but I found one in the Play Market that is pretty easy to use, and best of all, it was FREE.  I just snapped a photo in my upstairs room that has plenty of afternoon sunglight glaring in, against an off white wall, which made things easier.

Use this website  to make the final touches, and get them ready to be printed on 4 x 6 size.

Send them over to your favorite print center ( I chose Walgreen’s) and then cut the desired picture and attach it to the application.

Send your application via FedEX, UPS, or USPS Priority Mail, but with tracking. Make sure you dont send it without some form of tracking in case it gets lost in the mail.  After checking to see if your check got cashed, with your bank, check the status of your application at the State Dept website. In most cases, you should have it in 2 weeks, as I did.

Save yourself some money and try doing this yourself. Especially if you are doing multiple passports.  Every dime counts when you are trying to save up for a family holiday. You also have the option of doing it all yourself, with applications like Photoshop, like my friend Jon Khoo of Wanderlusty did.  Have you tried taking your passport all by yourself? Happy Travels.



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