Lots of FAR deals on Software At Fry’s

Thanks to a reader at SlickDeals, he has tipped the online community about several titles of software that are FREE AFTER REBATE at Frys.com.  So what does this mean to you? It means you can put spend on your credit card, get points and miles, and get your back money (4-6 weeks) in the form a check in the mail.  I usually do this at Staples, when they have FAR deals on software, but those titles are downloadable that I get, where these aren’t. So make sure you count in the time it takes to make copies of receipts, forms, etc and don’t forget the stamp…..those aren’t free either.  However, if you see a title you can use, then it is definitely worth it.  I went ahead and ordered the Berlitz Spanish, French and Italian series which can be installed on your laptop, and may be worthwhile in case you want to learn how to ask for extra ice next time you are in a cafe in Paris, or a bar in Mallorca Spain.



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