Inventor of the Döner Kebab Dies

My friends, today is a sad day indeed, to learn that the inventor of one of the best, if not THE best street foods of all time, has passed away.  Kadir Nurman, the best known inventor of the famous döner kebab died in Germany at the age of 80. There is a lot of controversy surrounding who invented this delicious, torpedo of goodness, but the Association of Turkish Döner Manufacturers (no, I am not making that up…that is a REAL organization) declared Kadir as the first inventor.  Sorry Hormel, you didn’t win this title. Germany probably hosts the biggest population of Turkish immigrants, and you can find this in almost every German town.  In fact, the kebab sandwich is the most popular street foods amongst Germans, surpassing even the hometown bratwurst, curry sausages. I cant blame the Germans for loving these–they are deeeelish. Of course, having visited Istanbul on multiple occasions, I have taste tested many variations of this, and in this travelers humble opinion, the ones with the spicy sriracha sauce tasted best. I think to honor this person who contributed such a meaningful piece of culinary artwork to society, I will grill up some lamb kebabs this weekend, and enjoy it with a glass of ayran.  Happy Travels!



6 thoughts on “Inventor of the Döner Kebab Dies

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