Delta Airlines will offer FREE movies & TV, and Booze in Coach!!

Coming to a plane near you! Delta Airlines today announced they will offer free movies and TV shows in their economy comfort class on transcontinental flights.  This will surely make the time go quicker, and more comfortable for some on those east coast to west coast flights.  No more paying $6.00 for in-flight entertainment (that should’ve been the norm in the first place). They will offer up to 100 movie selections. You will though have to provide your own headsets.  I always take mine on the plane anyways. Starting in April, economy comfort class passengers will receive free beer, wine, and other spirits, and (drum-roll please)…enhanced snacks!!! I’m assuming this will be more than just a pack of pretzels, or peanuts.  I’m glad to see they are compensating fliers with at least something.  Delta hasn’t exactly been nice to the mileage community, with their devaluations and changes, that are coming up.  Now, will I start collecting SkyMiles to experience all this first hand? Probably not, as I expect these so called amenities to be the norm.  But then again, I don’t like to fly coach from coast to coast, unless I have to.  However, it’s good to know this option is available.



One thought on “Delta Airlines will offer FREE movies & TV, and Booze in Coach!!

  1. Not so sure how “free” anything is at $31.00 for my wife and I to upgrade to EC. But it was a good experience to/from the UK recently. No complaints at all!

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