Chase Ultimate Rewards offering 3 points per Dollar Spent on Air, Hotel, Car

Received an email from Chase Ultimate Rewards offering to give 3 points per dollar spent on booking travel.  I believe you need to have one of the Chase cards that offer redemption into the Ultimate Rewards program, but if if you do have one, this is a great deal for booking travel that would book anyways, if you are going somewhere.  After you log in to your Ultimate Rewards account, you can search for flights, hotels, rental cars, or vacation packages.

So when searching for flights, let’s use Portland to L.A.  You will get your results and note it is almost the same amount as if you were to go through the airlines websites.  I am looking at the United flight and its listing it at $317.80.  If  you were to book that non-stop flight, you will get $317.80 x 3 = 953 points!!!  Also, if you are transferring your Ultimate Reward points into United’s Mileage PLUS program, you would be essentially getting 953 miles + 1600 miles (miles flown to L.A.), for a total of 2,553 miles!  

Some of you are probably saying, that’s not a lot of points.  In reality it is, considering you would only get 1,600 miles if you would’ve just  booked the ticket on another credit card, other than a Chase Ultimate Rewards card.  The only other card that will give you those bonus miles is the United Mileage PLUS Visa card itself. Of course, you don’t have to throw your bonus points into Mileage PLUS.  You can use your points for other redemptions, such as gift cards, hotel stays, and other stuff.  Check out for more details on that.


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