Earn More Miles for Holiday Shopping and Beyond

This last holiday shopping season was one of the best on record, if not the best one.  Retailers reported record earnings and the shopping craze is looking to last well past the holiday season online. For me personally, it was an awesome season, as I racked up over 40,000 miles on United and Alaska Airlines taking advantage of holiday shopping bonus offers.  If you aren’t using the portals from the mileage shopping programs, then you aren’t doing it right.  Its an incredible opportunity to rack up huge sums of miles and points, to get you closer to that award ticket of your choice.  Use a strategy like using a credit card that offers 2x on shopping online, or airlines.  Luckily, I have an American Express card, which earns me 3X on airline purchases.  I simply tack it onto the Mileage X app, and buy gift cards for stores like Best Buy, Mayc’s, or whatever, which counts as an ‘airline’ purchase earning 3X points, and United Airlines miles on top. Double dipping my way to that next trip.  If you haven’t been doing that, its never too late to start.  When shopping online, use one of the portals to go through and collect your miles.  Even Chase and other banks have portals, that you can earn points on if you arent into airline miles.  You are going to shop online anyways.

Happy Travels!


Lounge Review: The Lounge Club at LAS

One of the many perks in having a Chase INK card, is you get free membership in the Lounge Club.  Along with the membership, you get two free passes to any of the airport lounges, that the Lounge Club participates in.  When you apply, you get a handy brochure that shows you which lounges you are able to get into. I had the privilege of going to Las Vegas this past week, and decided to stop by for a visit on my return Friday night, and check out the new Lounge Club airport lounge at the new Terminal 3.  I was pretty impressed, as this was one of the few domestic lounges that felt like an international airport lounge.  Although it was sort of inconveniently located across from gate E2 in terminal 3 ( a good 7 – 15 min walk from the Alaska Airline gates), it made the effort worthwhile, upon arrival.  No room for attitude here, as the nice representative greeted us with a smile, and asked for our boarding passes, along with the Lounge Club card, which you get in the mail 7-10 days after applying.

Terminal 3

When we arrived shortly after 8:30PM, the lounge was packed with British Airways first/business class passengers, who were waiting to board their 9:10PM flight to LHR.  Most of them were Italians, it seemed, as the room was filled with men in red tight jeans, and those new neon orange Nikes, along with beats headphones around their heads, while guzzling down Heinekins, and munchin’ on Fritos.  About 8:45PM, the lounge cleared, and the only remaining folks were probably the Chase Ink card holders waiting for the AS 621, like myself.

The club hosted a bar, with free booze, munchies, and sandwiches made to order.  There was also two hot soups, one a meat option, and the other a vegetarians option, which I though was kind of cool (Alaska…are you reading this???).  Walker shortbread cookies, Mrs Vickie’s chips, and fresh fruit also were presented on the counter, all neatly arranged for your viewing and eating pleasure. It was nice to see a lounge so well stocked, even at this hour of the night.  United, Alaska, Delta, don’t even do that.  Heck, even the SQ lounge at SFO wasn’t this nice!  Along with the culinary amenities, there was a business area with desktop machines for internet access, a printers and fax machine, and of course, free wireless internet, for checking The Value Traveler.