Chase No Longer Selling Gift Cards Online

Looks like the party is over with the Chase Gift Cards.  They stopped selling them online, and you can’t order them anymore.  These were a great way to put spend on Chase gift cards, and you could use them with Bluebird.  We had been warned they were going to go away, but the cutoff date was rumored to be September 22nd.  Looks like someone over at Chase got trigger happy, and wanted to start their weekend a bit early.  Can’t blame them…..these are the last weeks of summer.

But don’t worry.  There will more opportunities.  Just like when the U.S. mint coins ended, we all thought that was the end of the world, and we started writing our wills, attended churches and mosques more, and we ate more broccoli.  Then all of sudden, new strands of light came from the between the cracks, and other opportunities arose.  There will be more.  I will write about them as I see them.  Have a great weekend!


Why You Should Buy CHASE Gift Cards

Chase is currently offering fee free gift cards online, that may be used to fund Bluebird accounts, or just to be used as debit cards.  These cards are great because you can assign a PIN to it, and use it like any other debit card.  They can be bought in amounts ranging from $25.00 – $500 using a Chase credit card. You won’t be able to use any other VISA/MC, but a Chase credit card.  You cannot use American Express cards either.  However, it does post as a purchase, and you will get points or miles, depending on which Chase reward card you use.  I have been using my Chase Sapphire Preferred Signature VISA card and my Chase FREEDOM Visa card.  The order process is simple, and the cards take about 7 days to arrive in the mail. Activation is a breeze, as you just call the number listed on the sticker on the front of the cards, and its fully automated.  During activation, you may also assign a personalized PIN to the card, so you can access it just like any other debit card.

So why buy these cards? Simple.  You get reward points for buying this, and you can use this to fund your Bluebird account. If you have not opened a Bluebird account, I recommend doing so, as it allows you to pay your mortgage, car payments, and any other bill that doesn’t let you use credit cards. There is no activation fees for these cards, unlike other prepaid debit cards, and these count as purchases on your bill, rather than a cash advance. Click on the image above to get yours!

Confirmation they are FREE!!