How To Score a Samsonite Luggage Set for Cheap!

If you are in the market for a new luggage set as I am, you will find this latest Google and American Express offer enticing! Currently, there is an offer available to American Express card holders for $20 off $50+ at Google Express. Google Express is a convenient online shopping experience, in which all the stores are available in one place. You order everything you want from one site, and they ship it to you. No need to login different store sites, remember passwords etc etc. Pretty handy shopping site, especially with the holidays closing in.

If you haven’t used Google Express, you are in more luck, because on top of that offer, there is an additional 20% off promo code available to new users!  So currently, there is a nice Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 Hardside Spinner Luggage set for $129.99 there from Kohls. Add this to your cart and click on the up arrow for promo code FIRSTORDER20 (should do it automatically) and click APPLY. I would also uncheck any marketing and promotions selections, unless you like junk mail. Also, you might notice at the top right, there is an estimated tax charge. Ignore that if you are in a state that doesn’t have sales tax (like myself in Oregon). So the breakdown should be
$129.99 Total
– $26.00 (20% promo code discount)
– $20.00 (American Express Offer $20 off $50)
Total should be $83.99 for a nice set of quality Samsonite suitcases with a 10 year warranty.

Now you aren’t obligated to use this offer and promo code for a nice set of luggage. You can get whatever your choosing on Google Express. Just do the math on whatever you buy and make sure it works out for you, as some merchants have shipping charges and minimum purchases for free shipping.

Also make sure you load the offer to your American Express card FIRST before you click the Place Order button, otherwise you won’t see the statement credit. To do that, login to your American Express account online, and scroll to the bottom for Amex Offers.

Let me know what you all plan to get if you’re going to use the offer. I’m interested to learn what other great deals on there.  I have the offer available on 3 of my American Express card accounts!


$5.00 Statement Credit from American Express & TripAdvisor

This has to be the easiest $5.00 I have ever made (other than the time I shook down a 6th grader for his lunch money back in middle school). If you have ANY American Express card ( i.e. Costco card, Premier Rewards, Business OPEN Cards, SkyMiles, Platinum, etc), simply go to TripAdvisor and sync your card. Write a review about a hotel, a place you visited, a restaurant, whatever, and get a $5.00 statement credit on your card. Yes, it’s that simple, and it took me about 5 min. to do!  Most of you have an existing TripAdvisor account, so you can skip the part about creating one. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one, because TripAdvisor is a handy site for looking up hotels, places, and just about anything travel related.

Here is the link to the promotion : American Express Sync Promotion




I posted a review about one of my favorite food carts here in Portland – The Frying Scotsman, and it was published.  A few hours later, I received this email below indicating the $5.00 statement credit.



American Express / Twitter Gift Cards Arrived Today!!

UPDATE: I came home today and voila! Waiting at my door step were three UPS envelopes, each containing a $25.00 Prepaid American Express gift card.  It’s always cool to see a package waiting for you at your door.

However, when I opened them, there was a letter inside indicating that I wont be charged for them at all!.  Now bear in the mind, the deal was tweet to American Express via Twitter, and you would get a $25.00 prepaid gift card, for $15.00, thus making $10.00 on the deal.  Their systems were slammed hard, and there were issues with some folks cards not being processed correctly—including mine.  All three of them that I used. Well, the nice folks at AMEX were kind enuff to send out the gift cards, WITHOUT charging my American Express synced cards.

Truly a GIFT card

$75.00 in FREE money….ya gotta love it!

Did anybody else participate? If you have American Express cards, make sure you Sync them with your Twitter and/or Facebook to hop on these deals. They have them often and are VERY lucrative.  Here is the link :




$25 American Express Gift Card for $15 (Twitter Sync Deal) HONORED!!

On February 11th, the blogs were being alerted to a deal from American Express and Twitter.  The deal was sync your American Express card to your twitter account, and tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25, and you would receive a $25 gift card, for only $15, thus making $10.  Well, I did just that, and kept on getting an error from American Express saying there was an error in processing my information.  I immediately tweeted AMEX, and received a response that they will look into it….that was on February 13th.

Well today I received a tweet & email saying they will send out a card immediately for me and my card will not be charged! Once again, the lesson of the day kids: be proactive when it comes to points and miles.  If you are persistent, you will be rewarded.

Hi! We’re following up with #BuyAmexGiftCard25, We processed order courtesy of Amex & will ship out. You will not be charged.