United offering FREE one year AARP Membership

My Mom’s Mileage Plus account this morning received an offer for a 1 year complimentary AARP membership.  For those who don’t know, AARP is an organization to help retired people. They offer travel discounts on rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, and other perks.  They also offer a pretty good concierge service if you are a member.  So if you are retired, or a certain age group (which is why my Mom got the email and not I), look for the email.


Why I Love International Groupon Sites

Groupon is a great way to savings. Some of the deals are almost 50% off, if not more.  I recently acquired a $10.00 Shell Gift Card for $3.00 from a targeted offer they sent me.  My wife also got the offer, and I was quick to get it on her account as well.  However, did you know you could subscribe also to the OTHER Groupon sites? On my last trip, we went to Singapore and Malaysia, and a few weeks before, I had subscribed to Groupon.my.  That’s the Groupon for Malaysia….and I started getting the local deals for Kuala Lumpur shortly in my inbox.  The deals were, of course, in the local currency and let me tell you..there were some amazing deals to be had!

  • One hour massage at the Hilton Spa…..90MYR ($30.00)
  • Seafood Buffet at a famous Kuala Lumpur dining spot 20MYR (~$6.00)

That is just a couple of examples, that I took advantage of.  There are tons of deals to be had.  So here’s the tip…..a couple of months or a few weeks before departure, subscribe to a Groupon site of your destination, and see if you get any deals worth jumping into!

Also, this doesn’t just apply to international sites. You can also apply to ANY of the cities in the U.S.  For example, I have subscribed to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to see what kind of deals are happening there.  I often go to Las Vegas to visit family, so saving money on dining, activities, and other things outside the strip is an added bonus.