Another Only In Dubai Moment

I checked out my local news site today to check on traffic, and I stumbled on this article about a $550,000 police Lamborghini rolling on the streets of Dubai.  Having been to Dubai, this article wasn’t all that shocking. After all, boasting the world’s tallest tower in the world, whats another half a million dollars?? Pocket change in the land of milk and honey and solid gold iPODS.  It wouldn’t be all that practical here in the U.S., cuz it would probably get shot at and then the tax payers would have to foot the bill to fix it, and then swarms of protests over spending and then ……..well, you get the point. It wont work here.

Check it out! Looks awesome don’t it? You know you want to get pulled over, just so you can say I got pulled over by the Lambo Cops! Heres some reading on it, if you’re interested.



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