Alaska Announces Improved In-Flight Catering

Alaska Airlines is one of the best airlines out there, but I must admit, their in-flight catering options aren’t all that great.  Apparently, they are attempting to show some improvement in this arena by announcing the introduction of a new menu.  Starting September 4th, every flight over 2 1/2 hours long will offer a hot meal for purchase in coach, and may be purchased with any credit card. Most meals look to be about $6.00, which isn’t too bad, considering your options for food are limited at 30,000 feet up.  They are also allowing you to pre-order your meal option on select flights. Take a look below and see if it appeals to your senses.  It may be worth ordering something, especially for an early morning Alaska flight, which you left the house at without breakfast.  There are changes for First Class passengers, as well.  A three-course meal consisting of wild Alaskan salmon on transcontinental flights sure sounds good!

















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