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My friends, coworkers, and family always ask me….”how do you travel all over for free?”.  It doesn’t  involve a secret handshake, or membership in a secret society.  FREE travel is available to ANYONE out there, as long as you are willing to put some effort into it.  It just got a bit easier, now that you find my site, because I will point you to it.   One of the best ways to travel for free, is to take advantage of your excellent credit and apply for airline and hotel credit cards, to get bonus miles and points.  Use these points and miles to book unimaginable travel to places you never thought was possible.  I have used thousands of miles to fly all over the world for free, in First or Business class, and hotel points to stay at luxurious resorts.  I have helped many readers find amazing ways to take outrageous trips to Asia, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and even Eugene Oregon!!  I will help you find those ways, so you too can enjoy traveling for free.  This site it designed to be simple, entertaining, and informative.  Welcome!.   If you have questions, comments, or need advice, drop me an email at oz@TheValueTraveler.com.





11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good for you, Ozar. This is exciting to see you develop this website. I tried subscribing to your email newsletter and it froze on “loading”. Please add me if it did not go through. Don

  2. Oz, thanks always for keeping me in the know about these great deals! I was always skeptical about miles cards but you always pointed me to the good ones! Thank you Thank you!

  3. Well, not ANYONE can travel for FREE 🙁 I am from Pakistan and there are not too many credit cards deals available in this part of world. Alas!

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