Skip That North Korean Trip

The death of Otto Warmbier should be a reminder for us all that traveling to places like North Korea isn’t a great idea.  Honestly, I don’t think we will really know the facts why he was detained, and any statement regarding his detainment from his captors, shouldn’t be taken seriously. This article in The Independent UK highlights some of those points, and is written by a former North Korean, who luckily escaped to South Korea. Check it out as it is very interesting.  I have seen documentaries of people who have sneaked out footage of stores, hotels, and restaurants, and put them on YouTube for everyone to watch, and I cant help wonder what a big risk they took to do that.  They very well could’ve ended up like Otto Warmbier, seriously.  I personally have no ambitions to visit North Korea, or to fly their state carrier Air Koryo, in light of Otto’s death, because they could just apprehend you for no reason, and you really don’t have any rights.  There won’t be a phone call to mom and dad, and you’ll end up in a kangaroo court, and get served the most idiotic definition of justice there probably exists in this world.

Brave Tourists Looking for Instagram Fame

There are several tour companies that arrange North Korean tours. Though I don’t recommend them, you can check out their offerings and get an idea of costs.

The Young Pioneer Tours – this is the company that handled Otto’s trip to North Korea. They have probably the most experience in handling a trip there, but also have come under fire now with the recent event. Therefore, they are no longer offering tours for Americans to North Korea, but still open to other passport holders.

Uri Tours – This is another company that boasts travels to the DPRK. They also take Americans, and also offer packages that include skiing, snowboarding, and even a marathon.  Run for your life! may need to.

Koryo Tours – this Beijing based company, founded by two British guys, hosts tours as well. They are a bit smaller, but account for 50% of travels by Westerners to North Korea.

I would take my chances on a trip to Iran before North Korea. If anything, if I do get detained, I know at least the food will be better….or at least I hope.

Happy (and safe) Travels.


A Great Vegetarian Restaurant in Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong, I had one of the toughest times looking for places I could eat vegetarian. I know Hong Kong is a foodies heaven, but with my dietary restrictions, I was looking for something that my palate could accept. Well, it appears one of the best vegetarians places has opened up in Hong Kong—The Herbivores.  This restaurant is on Staunton St, near Soho, in the middle district.  I can’t wait to try this place out. My friend, who came back from from a trip from Singapore, had a Hong Kong stopover, and he tried some of the dishes, that included the garlic pasta with a cilantro dressing, and a vanilla custard tart, which he said was pretty darn good. They have a lot of pictures on their Facebook page of their dishes.  Check it out because I think this is a growing trend in Asia, as people are starting to eat a lil healthier now, and reducing their consumption of non-sustainable seafood.  Recently some restaurants took shark fin soup off the menu.