Two Credit Card Offers You Shouldn’t Ignore + Giveaway!

Last year was an amazing year for credit cards and so far, 2017 is starting out with a punch. Currently, there are two offers I would not ignore if you are looking to pick up a new credit card – or two.  The Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card is currently offering 50,000 miles, and is available to everyone.  After meeting the $3,000 spend, you get 50,000 miles which is enough for 2 round trip coach saver award tickets in the U.S. or Canada.  They can be redeemed for first class travel in the U.S. or Canada.  United has a handy chart here, to see what’s possible with your miles. Check it out.

The second card I wouldn’t ignore is the Citibank AAdvantage Mastercard, which also nets you 50,000 miles, to use on American Airlines, or its partners. Although American Airlines recently devalued its miles, I still think you can get some pretty good deals to Europe and even South America, on partners such as Air Berlin, and LAN.  They are also great to use with British Airways on short haul flights, or intra-Europe.  With stellar service on both carriers, you will have no problem traveling smoothly.  The other aspect of this offer, is Citibank cards are relatively easy to get, and you can receive the bonus more than once, so racking up tons of AAdvantage miles will be no problem.

Both cards come with a ton of perks, such as free baggage allowance, anniversary miles, priority boarding, and no annual fee the first year. Both offers wont last, and I suspect will go away soon, so I would get them now.  Of course, keep in mind with Chase, the infamous 5/24 rule applies, which means if you have applied for more than 5 credit cards, from any bank, within the past 24 months, the likelihood of approval is zero. If you haven’t, then you’ll be lucky enough to score this card. Just make sure you have a travel goal in mind, so you can use these miles, or you can just bank them for future travels on United and its partners.

I actually applied for both of these cards last year, and was approved. The Chase United MileagePlus card came with two United Club passes, which I won’t be using this year, so I’d like to give you a chance to take ’em off my hands! Please comment on how best you would use these miles, and I’ll pick someone randomly. I’ll announce a winner at the end of the week. The Hogan A319 model is not included, in case you were wondering. Happy Travels!



Chase 50,000 United Miles Offer is Back!! ACT QUICK!

Looks like Chase has made public the link for getting 50,000 Mileage PLUS miles after meeting a minimum spend. The usual offer is usually 30,000 miles, but with this offer, it is increased to 50,000. Furthermore, the annual fee is waived for one year, and you get the usual benefits with the card. I recommend you get this because it wont last long. If you had this card before, you could probably get the miles again, if it has been some time since you last applied. I have received the bonus miles twice already, but the last time I applied was over 2 years ago for the Chase United Mileage PLUS card.

There is also an offer at Chase branches currently for the Chase INK Plus card, which gets you 70,000 Ultimate Reward points, which can be transferred into United. Couple that with this current offer, and you can bring in a whopping 120,000 miles!! That’s enough for more than 4 Round trip domestic coach tickets at the Saver Level. For details, and to apply, click on the link below:

Award Availability




United Airlines Increases Fees

If you are a Mileage PLUS customer, and are saving those hard earned United miles, be prepared to be sure about your itinerary before you book it. United is raising their change fees.  Before, you could make a change on a booked ticket, without having any status, for free. Well no mo’ as they have decided to add a fee here and there, and to keep some existing fees.  See below.


1500 American Airline miles for 99¢..or US, UA, SW, DL

This morning, I found a thread over at SD explaining how to get 1500 American Airlines miles by subscribing to the New York Times Digital Subscription.  This greatly interested me, because I had canceled my Citibank AAdvantage Visa card earlier, to avoid the annual fee, and needed a way to deposit some miles into my AAdvantage account, so this will reset the expiration clock.  Some airline miles do expire, and depending on which program you are actively participating, it helps to accrue miles in the program every now and then. This deal is pretty sweet: a 4 week New York Times online digital subscription for only 99¢! You can cancel after the 120 days, and keep the miles, and you will have paid only 99¢.  If you were to buy those miles straight out, you will have paid about $70.00.

Save Your Miles from Expiring

This is a great opportunity also to save your airline miles from expiring, without having to actually take a trip and spend hundreds of dollars on an airline ticket.  Using this will be an opportunity to credit your account with 950 – 1500 miles, for under a buck! I urge you to take this opportunity.  Remember, you can always cancel and keep the miles by calling 877-698-5635 and change your subscription.


United offering FREE one year AARP Membership

My Mom’s Mileage Plus account this morning received an offer for a 1 year complimentary AARP membership.  For those who don’t know, AARP is an organization to help retired people. They offer travel discounts on rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, and other perks.  They also offer a pretty good concierge service if you are a member.  So if you are retired, or a certain age group (which is why my Mom got the email and not I), look for the email.