Meet Spend Requirements on Credit Cards: FREE AFTER REBATE offers!

Currently, there are some legitimate FREE after REBATE offers from Frys Electronics, that could help pad your spending on credit cards.  I will personally jump on these, as I have to meet a $500 spend to get an additional 5,000 Thank You points on a CITI Preferred Thank You VISA Card, which I called to cancel a month ago, but was given a retention bonus, if I meet the $500 spend.  However, in looking at one of the software titles, I am noticing there are A  LOT of software titles that are FREE AFTER REBATE…perhaps 20 or more! I wont list them all because it’s July 5th, and I’m tired from last nights BBQ…but here are some.

PDF Converter 8.0

Berlitz Spanish Premier

Norton Antivirus 2013- 3 PCs

….and more.

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!


How to Spend on Credit Cards, without Spending

One of the best ways to put spend on a credit card is known as manufactured spending.  Lets say you see an offer for a Chase card, that gives you 100,000 miles after you spend $5000 in 3 months, and you want to get it.  However, you are wondering how the heck are you going to spend that much in 3 months.  You can buy gas, groceries, clothes, gum, and even that morning Starbucks, but you may fall short.  Well here is your answer–manufactured spending.  The term sounds weird, but its quite simple.  You make purchases that return the amount back to you.  I wont go into surgical detail, but I will cover them briefly, and you can do your own homework if it appeals to you.  I will say this ; it is one of the best ways to meet credit card spending, and is probably the best loop hole in the mileage and points community. Here are some examples:
1. Amazon Payments: A service brought to you by, to help you pay friends or whoever,  for goods or services.  It’s basically like PayPal, without the ridiculous fees.  There is a limit of $1,000 you can receive AND $1,000 to send using a credit card.  The money you receive goes into your Amazon Payments account, and then you simply withdraw it to your bank account.
2. Bluebird from American Express: This is a service from Amex that is basically an online bank.  You fund your account via debit card, and then use your funds anywhere, like a mortgage, car payment, utilities, etc.  Just use them anywhere they don’t take credit cards.
3. Chase Gift cards: Currently from Chase, there is an offer to purchase Chase gift cards FEE FREE, up to $500.  You can use these as debit cards, and can fund your American Express BlueBird account.  You can assign it a PIN, so they may be used anywhere debit cards are accepted, but best used in conjunction with adding funds to your Bluebird account. I have been using extensively, and is proven a game winner!

4. Free After Rebate: Buy items online that are offering a rebate after purchase. Look at to find these or at  Sometimes, you can buy downloadable software purchases at, and submit electronic rebates, which are no hassle.  I once racked up over $100 on a credit card by buying Walgreen’s Diabetes Monitoring kits, that were free after rebate, and just donated them to a homeless shelter.
5. Google Wallet: A fairly new player in the game. This is Google’s version of Amazon payments.  During the trial period, Google Wallet is allowing you to use credit cards to send money to anyone. You can link a bank account, so the money you receive can be withdrawn to the bank account.  I recommend taking full advantage of this before the fees are incurred.  UPDATE: Fees now charged for transactions.


Okay, there you have it folks. These are the ones I am currently using to rack up thousands of miles and points on my credit cards.  There are probably a few more, but I dont use them, and it is likely we will see more of these sort of services.  Use them while they are young and unsettled, because like the U.S. mint coins scheme, they will probably go away, and the opportunity will be as ancient as the pyramids.  However, if you take advantage of this now, you can see the pyramids for free—like I did.  If you have questions, please email me or comment.


FREE ShopRunner with Eligible American Express card

There is a great promo running right now at ShopRunner offering 1 year membership for FREE with an eligible  American Express card.  You simply enter your card info, and you will see if your American Express card qualifies or not.  Currently, most American Express cards seem to work, including the Costco American Express, and OPEN Business American Express cards. This is a great deal, as ShopRunner will give you FREE 2-day shipping and free returns from many retailers online.  If you do online shopping, you can’t lose with this promo.  I signed up and you should too, to benefit from FREE shipping.  Sometimes, retailers require at least $20 of spend, in order to get free shipping, but not with ShopRunner.  Here is the link:




Card Review: The LaQuinta Returns Signature Visa Card – 20,000 Bonus Points after 1st Spend

I know what you are thinking. Why the heck would I get a LaQuinta VISA card? Before you unleash the hounds on me, let me justify why I picked up this card.  First of all, its very colorful! Its a bright green, flashy looking card, that almost resembles something you would find in a Fisher Price money play set. I call it curb appeal for your wallet!  However, that’s not why picked it up. See, my last churn, I needed to pick up at least 4 cards, and I already had 3 Chase cards, 4 American Express cards, and 4 Citibank cards.  I needed something from a bank I haven’t applied from,  and First Bank of Omaha was it.  They are the issuing bank for this card.  I had some offers in the mail from them before, for an American Express card they offered, but they offered no sign up bonus of any kind.  Just no-annual fee, with a 0.0% APR for the first year.  No good, because I always pay my balance in full.  Interest is for suckers!

Here are some details for the LaQuinta Rewards Signature VISA card:

  • 20,000 bonus points after first purchase
  • Automatic GOLD Status in their LaQuinta Rewards program
  • 2 points per dollar spent on gas, dining, and car rentals
  • 17 points per dollar spent at LaQuinta Hotels and Inn’s
  • Free nights start at 6,000 points

20,000 points can get you two free nights at almost any of the LaQuinta locations, but they vary from state to state.  Once you sign up for a LaQuinta Returns account, you will be able to see how many points get you what.  You can also redeem the points for gift cards, transfers to various airlines programs, such as American, Alaska, US Airways, Southwest, but the ratio is terrible, and I think you are better off using the points for free nights.  The points will be handy to have in case you need to do an overnighter at a gateway city like LAX/SFO for an international itinerary, or a road trip to Cali or something.  I’m sure you will find a purpose for it.  The card has no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry about getting charged after one year of card membership.





Another Only In Dubai Moment

I checked out my local news site today to check on traffic, and I stumbled on this article about a $550,000 police Lamborghini rolling on the streets of Dubai.  Having been to Dubai, this article wasn’t all that shocking. After all, boasting the world’s tallest tower in the world, whats another half a million dollars?? Pocket change in the land of milk and honey and solid gold iPODS.  It wouldn’t be all that practical here in the U.S., cuz it would probably get shot at and then the tax payers would have to foot the bill to fix it, and then swarms of protests over spending and then ……..well, you get the point. It wont work here.

Check it out! Looks awesome don’t it? You know you want to get pulled over, just so you can say I got pulled over by the Lambo Cops! Heres some reading on it, if you’re interested.



Drinks & Appetizers for TWO for $25 at Portland Hilton’s Porto Terra Restaurant

I received an email from Travel Zoo alerting me to a local deal ; Drinks and appetizers for two at Porto Terra Italian restaurant inside the Portland Hilton and Executive towers.  I actually ate here once and the food was really good.  They got really good desserts, and the ambiance is nice. Being that it is a Hilton property, you will get 6X per dollar if you have the Hilton American Express card.  However, you can use any card.  This deal is available from Travel Zoo and has some fine print.  You can view the full details at this link below. Bon Apetit!



Revisiting Airline Partnerships: The “Mistress” Partnerships

One of the most overlooked aspects of redeeming award tickets, is airline partnerships outside the general alliances.  It’s sort of like the mistresses…no one knows they exist, until someone uncovers them! Well that day has come…because I am going to uncover some of them in this post.  I’m going to use some of the major airlines.  Let’s look at United Airlines for example. United is a Star Alliance member, meaning you can redeem your United miles on flights on Lufthansa, Turkish, Thai, and the list goes on. Just look at the Star Alliance membership chart below.  However, what is overlooked at is you can also redeem your miles on the OTHER partners….EVA Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Aer Lingus, Jet Airways, and more.  It may be beneficial for you to book it on Hawaiian, rather than flying United  to Hawaii, because Hawaiian has non-stop flights from SEA, PDX, SJC, where United doesn’t.  You may want to consider flying EVA Air to Taipei, rather than United, simply because the time schedule and departure times are better.  You just have to look at your options, but know that the OTHER partners are there and should be looked at for award redemptions.

Here are some other charts for Delta, US Airways, American Airlines.  US Airways is a bit stingy though, as they wont let you redeem Dividend Miles on most of these partners below, but you may earn US Airways miles if you are flying them.

American Airlines chart is even better. You can use their miles to book award tickets to Tahiti and Fiji. You can also redeem AAdvantage miles on Alaska Airlines. Non-stop flights to Las Vegas from Seattle and Portland just got easier.

Delta Airlines lets you book awards on Malaysian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Air Tahiti Nui, for those hard to get Tahiti flights.

When booking award tickets, always be aware of the other partner airlines and their routes. The agents don’t always tell you the best routing, as they themselves are human drones with a set of instructions.  Heck, they don’t even know their own routing rules, much less world geography.  Of course, you can always email me, and I can help you figure out the best options. Happy Travels!




Delta Airlines will offer FREE movies & TV, and Booze in Coach!!

Coming to a plane near you! Delta Airlines today announced they will offer free movies and TV shows in their economy comfort class on transcontinental flights.  This will surely make the time go quicker, and more comfortable for some on those east coast to west coast flights.  No more paying $6.00 for in-flight entertainment (that should’ve been the norm in the first place). They will offer up to 100 movie selections. You will though have to provide your own headsets.  I always take mine on the plane anyways. Starting in April, economy comfort class passengers will receive free beer, wine, and other spirits, and (drum-roll please)…enhanced snacks!!! I’m assuming this will be more than just a pack of pretzels, or peanuts.  I’m glad to see they are compensating fliers with at least something.  Delta hasn’t exactly been nice to the mileage community, with their devaluations and changes, that are coming up.  Now, will I start collecting SkyMiles to experience all this first hand? Probably not, as I expect these so called amenities to be the norm.  But then again, I don’t like to fly coach from coast to coast, unless I have to.  However, it’s good to know this option is available.



50,000 Southwest Airlines bonus points offer is back!

Once again, Chase has been generous enough to bring back the 50,000 bonus points offer on their Southwest Airlines Signature VISA card.  The deal is simple, apply and get approved, and spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of card membership, and receive 50,000 Rapid Reward points.  That’s enough for 2 round trip tickets on Southwest Airlines.  There is an annual fee of $99, but if you fly Southwest, this will be offset by the annual 6000 bonus points you receive for card membership, thus erasing the fee. Remember, your first 2 bags are always FREE on Southwest Airlines.  Great for flights to California and the mid-west. No Foreign transactions fees, and access to VISA’s concierge service. Not sure when they will pull this offer, so apply today.  Excellent credit needed for this card. Click on the image below for the application page and details from Chase.



American Express / Twitter Gift Cards Arrived Today!!

UPDATE: I came home today and voila! Waiting at my door step were three UPS envelopes, each containing a $25.00 Prepaid American Express gift card.  It’s always cool to see a package waiting for you at your door.

However, when I opened them, there was a letter inside indicating that I wont be charged for them at all!.  Now bear in the mind, the deal was tweet to American Express via Twitter, and you would get a $25.00 prepaid gift card, for $15.00, thus making $10.00 on the deal.  Their systems were slammed hard, and there were issues with some folks cards not being processed correctly—including mine.  All three of them that I used. Well, the nice folks at AMEX were kind enuff to send out the gift cards, WITHOUT charging my American Express synced cards.

Truly a GIFT card

$75.00 in FREE money….ya gotta love it!

Did anybody else participate? If you have American Express cards, make sure you Sync them with your Twitter and/or Facebook to hop on these deals. They have them often and are VERY lucrative.  Here is the link :