Alaska Airlines Raising Baggage Fees!!

One of my favorite airlines, Alaska Airlines, is raising baggage fees effective October 30th, 2013.  The current fee is $20.00 per bag if purchasing a coach/economy ticket. The increase is in par with the rates United, or Delta charges, so I guess it’s not bad…but a fee is a fee. I’m not happy about it, and I have expressed my discontent on their Facebook page and through Twitter.  If you are flying first class, there is no fee and your checked luggage goes under the belly at no cost to you. This includes a paid first class ticket or an award ticket with miles What’s nice of them is if you are flying wholly within the state of Alaska, there is no luggage fee. I wonder if Hawaiian Airlines does that, if you are flying intra-Hawaii.  See the chart below for specifics. Happy Travels!


How to Get 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles + $25.00 FREE

There is a lucrative offer for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Signature VISA card right now, that is allowing you to get 25,000 Mileage Plan miles, along with a $100 statement credit. That’s enough for a round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines and/or American Airlines. Interested? Of course you are! Alaska Airlines miles are some of the greatest miles to have because of their multi-alliance compatibility chart.  You can redeem Alaska Airlines miles on American Airlines, Delta – Air France / KLM, Cathay Pacific, and now, Emirates!

You can also book one way awards now using your Alaska miles.  The offer is quite simple actually–you will get 25,000 miles upon approval.  After you spend $1,000 within 3 months, you will get a statement credit of $100.  The annual fee for this card is $75.00, so you will make $25.00 at the end, if my math serves me right.  Unlike other card offers, you don’t have to spend to get the enrollment bonus. You get it upon approval for the card. The statement credit pretty much will pay the annual fee, and you will have $25.00 left to load your Starbucks card and celebrate with a hazelnut venti macciatto. That’s just a suggestion.

This card itself has a lot of benefits. You get a companion ticket to use when you book any fare, which is nice.  So if you go to Vegas, and the tickets cost $350, your companion, (i.e. mistress, girlfriend, wife, friend, boss, lover, etc) goes with you for only $118.  The companion certificate loads right into your Mileage Plan account–no coupons necessary..  The card also gives you access to Visa Signature benefits like online shopping deals, free movie tickets, and a personal concierge, which I use A LOT!

If you already have this card, and it has been over 6 months since you last applied for it, You can get it again. That is one of the best features of this card–its totally churnable! I usually apply for this card twice a year and I always get it.  This gives you many options to rack up miles real easily.  Keep in mind, the normal offer for this card still gives you 25,000 miles upon approval, but does NOT give you the statement credit, which then leaves you paying the annual fee of $75.  That’s still a good deal, but this is a way better deal! Good Luck!


Alaska Airlines Now Allowing ONE WAY Redemptions

This is actually big news in the world of airline miles.  Alaska Airlines, which has one of the best mileage plan programs out there, is now allowing you to redeem for one way awards using their miles.  Before, you had to book a round trip and on the same partner. For example, if you wanted to fly to Paris, you would have to fly Alaska to the gateway city, and then Air France and only Air France to get to Paris, and back.  Well, now you can fly Delta, or Alaska, and then Air France, or British Airways, if you like, and come back on Air France, Delta, or American.  This makes it easier to find availability, and definitely makes things easier.  Booking flights to Asia will be easier for sure.  You can fly Korean Air and connect with a Cathay Pacific flight out of ICN, or Cathay to …well….you get the point.  That means Alaska miles are now even more valuable, and the redemption chart is still one of the best out there in terms of miles. A premium class cabin on Cathay Pacific to Asia will cost you 100,000 miles for business class, and 140,000 miles for First class. Premium Coach will cost you a mere 70,000 miles.  You can also use your Alaska miles for one-way segments flying American Airlines, and Delta Airlines too.  There are many possibilities for redemption now.  Thank you Alaska Airlines for doing this!


Alaska Airlines Offering 40% Bonus Miles on Purchased Miles

Once again, Alaska Airlines is offering a bonus 40% on gifted or purchased miles.  Simply put, for every 1000 miles purchased, you get an additional 400 miles.  Although not as lucrative as US Airways bonus of 100% bonus on purchased miles, still not bad, considering they are Alaska Airlines miles, which are pretty useful.  Alaska Airlines is partners with some of the most awesome carriers (to be covered soon in a post).  Miles can be redeemed on SkyTeam carriers such as Delta and Air France, as well as OneWorld carriers such as Cathay Pacific and American Airlines.  Don’t forget they recently partnered with Emirates.  The offer ends April 26th, 2013, so hurry if you want to top off your Alaska Mileage Plan.  Award tickets at Alaska Airlines for Hawaii usually go for about 40,000 round trip. I personally won’t be purchasing any Alaska miles, simply because if I get their credit card, I can get 25,000 Bonus miles after approval.  Although there is a $75.00 fee for the card, I still come out on top.